We provide a digital platform for the care of tomorrow. 

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About Us

Pflegix has set out to bring a fresh wind into the market of outpatient care for people in need of nursing care and everyday help. 


The company was founded in the summer of 2016 in close cooperation with the Department of Nursing Science of the University of Witten/Herdecke and the Department of Artificial Intelligence of the Technical University of Dortmund, and is now active throughout Germany. Pflegix was founded with the goal of enabling older and care-dependent people to have a self-determined life in their own home.The search for caretakers is often complicated and time consuming. In contrast, Pflegix offers fast and unbureaucratic support, and their portal makes it possible to find dependable health professionals online. Via their digital platform, Pflegix connects such people with registered nurses, nursing assistants, and certified senior caretakers, as well as everyday companions and household/cleaning aids. The services of Pflegix "helpers" can be booked on the platform by the hour or the day, regularly or on demand. Since their launch, Pflegix’s helper-network has been rapidly growing, and they now have over 9,000 registered helpers spread all over Germany. 

 8 full-time employees 

 Founded in 2016 


Company Culture  


Accountability and responsibility are crucial for Pflegix's eight person team. Each member's contribution has a large impact on the entire company.

Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment in which it is fun to work together on challenging tasks is one of Pflegix's main goals. This includes finding the right team members who have self motivation, love for their job, and a structured way of working.

Lean Fashion

Pflegix is a lean fashion startup, meaning that they invest their time in iteratively building products based on feedback. This keeps their clients at the forefront of their development.

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"FUNK:HAUS is a hub for new, digital business ideas. Here, creative ideas meet structured, agile forms of work. This combination makes it possible to quickly and efficiently set things in motion that would take much longer in other places."


"The exchange with the other teams working here helps us to get new impulses for our startup and to find solutions once we have fixed ourselves to a problem."


Oma Krause 

In the Oma Krause room one feels at home and send back in time. Entering the room causes a sense of travelling back in one’s own past and reminds of visiting grandma.
Especially this room has a special meaning for Pflegix. Pflegix customers live respectively lived in rooms designed like this and if Pflegix invites guests, they appreciate this room a lot. The Oma Krause rooms’ environment emphasises Pflegix vision of combining past and future.



Phone number: +49 2302 9839710

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