Enervolution's three primary goals in their design of FUNK:HAUS were for the space to be inspiring, practical, and versatile.

"Because creative work requires an extraordinary environment."


By combining a spirit of modernity and creativity with the history of the Ruhr area, Germany’s industrial heartland, Enervolution aimed to generate sentiments that transcend the physical appearance of the office and represent core values of the team. The local heritage in the Ruhr region, which hosted an economy largely dependent on coal and steel mining for over a century, is often associated with traits such as honest, down-to-earth, and hard working (described as “Maloche”). Naturally, the Enervolution team strives to maintain these traits in their own work ethic and company identity.

Since the 1950s, the mining industry has seen massive declines, a shift that forced the Ruhr area to readjust and diversify its economy. This deindustrialization (Strukturwandel) led the region to become a hub for academia and innovation, as it is now home to the University Alliance Ruhr and numerous technology companies. The very core of Enervolution’s mission, which is to formulate and execute innovative solutions, reflects this transition within the Ruhr area.


German Jungle

Enervolution wanted to reflect the structural transformation of the Ruhr area throughout FUNK:HAUS. Most obviously, the “German Jungle” features an abundance of natural light, trees, and greenery intertwined with metal and exposed brick. This represents the regrowth of the Ruhr area, which today is immensely covered in green, but is home to numerous former coal and steel mines that remain standing.

Floor Plan

The transformation of the Ruhr area is reflected in the design of the top floor as well. One side of the office features aspects of traditional, historic German culture (our own “Kleingarten,” a “grandma room” inspired by the style of the 1950s, and an old-fashioned bar). The space becomes progressively more modern when transitioning to the other side of the office. In the middle, there are playful, casual spaces such as a large balcony and a ball pit. These spaces are intended for social interaction and to infuse some fun into the office. On the opposite end, sleeker, more modern rooms provide a space for concentration and creativity (the aquarium and black room).

Practical & Versatile

Enervolution also sought to ensure that FUNK:HAUS was a practical and versatile workspace in which every unique type of worker could thrive, and which could be used for every unique work scenario.

Today, FUNK:HAUS is complete with unique spaces for group work, creative workshops, larger meetings and presentations, social interaction, and digital product testing. The work settings vary not only by visual aesthetics, but also by the tools available in a room, types of seating (i.e. normal chair, bench, swing, couch), and amount of light. Read on to learn more about each room.

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