innogy Innovation Team 

We find and implement innovative solutions and its business models for the energy industry of tomorrow.

Innovation Team 

The Innovation Team, a department under innogy SE, was founded in 2014 as innogy began to grow more aware that market segments and customers were being lost as a result of digitization. The goal of the innovation team is to develop digital business models for innogy to help the company with their transition into the digital world. 

The Innovation Team designs and implements digital product management together with innogy colleagues. In doing so, they orient themselves to methods such as Design Thinking and Lean-Startup. They have the unique opportunity to combine an agile work style from the startup world with established structures and stable processes from the innogy corporate world, creating the ideal environment for efficient innovation management while prioritizing user feedback and experiences. Supporting new potential business models, process optimization, and customer loyalty through digital channels offers a lot of potential in terms of technological advancement, and is a focus of the Innovation Team's endeavors.

   9 employees   

  Founded in 2014  


Company Culture  

Open Dialogue

Being honest, sincere, hard working, and down-to-earth are key parts of the values and identity of the Ruhr area, and of the innovation team. In turn, open dialogue and diversity of opinion are extremely valued by the team, and inspired them to create and share the space in the Funk Haus.

Fresh Perspectives

The innovation team places value on a fresh mindset, which enable new perspectives on old problems. This is a large motivation behind the "Startup Camp Ruhr" program, which brings in student workers to contribute their ideas to important projects.


In all of the innovation team's actions and thoughts, the highest Maxim always applies: “Do, rather than talk.” In the spirit of the Ruhr area, there is a “maker-mentality” in the team. Their attitude emphasizes the importance of the implementation of creative ideas, rather than just forming the ideas.

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Startup Camp Ruhr 

Would you like to work with Enervolution in FUNK:HAUS?


Join our team for four weeks as a member of the Startup Camp Ruhr to learn about the basics for developing new business ideas, and to design and implement your own innovative idea for the energy industry. Here, you will work in small teams and test your ideas online and with real potential customers. The program is a great opportunity to learn more about the Lean Startup method and design thinking, meet new people, and have fun! You do not need to have a specific idea to apply, we will help you find the ultimate idea with a variety of creativity techniques.

„Selten habe ich in so einer kurzen Zeit so viel neues gelernt und für meinen beruflichen Weg mitnehmen können. Das Startup Camp ermöglicht den Umgang mit allen relevanten Werkzeugen, die zur Geschäftsmodellentwicklung notwendig sind." 




"The diversity and diversification of people and ideas [in FUNK:HAUS] is an oasis for the generation of new ideas and visions"

"FUNK:HAUS is our creative second home"



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