Bermuda Digital Studio

We design, build, and validate user-focused digital applications and services.

About Us

Bermuda Digital Studio is an interdisciplinary digital product development team dedicated to help E.ON and its regional companies from idea generation to the final digital product. Focussing the user, digital applications and solutions that truly add value and are tailored to the customer's dreams and needs are developed together.

The Bermuda Digital Studio attaches great importance to team culture. Authenticity and fun are the foundation for simply being transparent. Products, results and processes are made available to the group and also passed on to many other interested parties. In this way, the competencies and culture of digital product development are shared with the entire organization.

The BDS motto is "Mach 'feddich!", which represents the Ruhrpott spirit. They act iteratively and agile.  The user is moved to the center of action. Listening to the users thoughts, solutions are developed that are based on the users needs. and these solutions are brought to market as quickly as possible in the form of a MVV (Minimal Viable Product) - an executable product with the most basic problem solving requirements. This makes it easy to see if the solution really satisfies the customer or user, because that's the ultimate goal: Build digital products that people love!

 7 full-time employees 

 Founded in 2012 


Company Culture  


To ensure that they build products and services that provide real value to users, design thinking and human-centered design form the foundation of Bermuda Digital Studio’s work. Therefore, they work in short cycles and ascertain feedback from real users at each step of the development process.


All members of the Bermuda Digital Studio team meet at eye level ad make decisions together. Thus, each team member is jointly responsible for the success of a project. This is evident in the arrangement of their open office space, with no personal offices or assigned seating. 


Authenticity and enjoyment of their work form the basis of Bermuda Digital Studio's devotion to transparency. All of their products, results, and processes are made available to the group.  Additionally, their Playbook, which describes who they are, their inspirations, and the processes behind their product development,, is freely accessible to the public on their website.

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"I find it very inspiring to have the possibility of interacting in an informal setting with other teams that share our mission of building digital products, but are in very different spaces in the industry."




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